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On being a new papa


Everything leading up to my baby boys being born sort of gets me ready for what’s coming. Tending to my wife, and meeting her needs is good preparation for taking care of some babies. Even though the boys came early, they seem quite strong and healthy. I am very grateful for that.
It’s interesting watching them grow day by day, you can really see noticeable progress.
The twins are definitely fraternal, they both look very different. Naryan looks like the lighter skinned one, and Satva defiantly has the more Asian inspired genes; we’ll have to see how it all plays out though.
Some babies look funny when they are born. Like little aliens or old men. But Naryan and Satva or the most adorable beautiful things I have ever seen. They are defiantly handsome. I’m trying to say that objectively, but I obviously have some bias.
It’s amazing that they pretty much know exactly what to do, even being premature. Almost from day 1, Satva was wiggling towards the boob, and wanting to suckle. Evonne is also amazing, her milk came in right away. She also knows just what to do, even though these are her first.
In all, I’m very excited to be a papa and look forward to making a good home for these bambinos. I want to raise them well.




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  1. May Tan or oma Tan or oma May

    I think I am just a too sensitive person. Tears came down on my cheeks reading your commitment Ramai! You and Evonne will be perfect parents. I can’t ask more to what you have stated here. You are a God sent son in law indeed. We,opa and oma Tan would love to be part of Ramai & Evonne and Satva & Naryan Marvin family and looking forward to spend family time together.
    Love you guys?
    Oma May


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