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Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend up the street. While we were standing there chatting, several planes were flying overhead. In their wake was long trails of white. Just that day, I listened to a podcast called BrainStuff about contrails. Apparently it gets quite cold 25,000 feet up and the exhaust from the jet engines (mainly water and carbon dioxide) creates trails of little ice crystals in the atmosphere. I mentioned this to my friend and he said that they were actually chem trails.

Whaa?? Apparently, the government or some overly zealous corporations are releasing chemicals into the atmosphere for some diabolical, self serving purpose. Mainly boron, which is toxic to humans.

We watched the trails slowly spread out across the sky and merge with other trails to create a general haze in the sky, which turned orange red as the sun began to set.

IF we were actually being poisoned, then why? It seems like a lot of money is being spent on this, so it must be lucrative in some way. Right? Why? Well, my friend said it’s to kill the bees.

When I got home, I checked the internet and read numerous websites and the wikipedia articles on Contrails and Chemtrails. I decided after my reading that if we were being sprayed either to fix global warming secretly, kill bees, or sterilize, then someone is sure going through an awful lot of trouble to do so. Can’t be cheap dumping chemicals on everyone every single day for decades.

A quick solution to the question: do contrails really diminish quickly? Or do they last a long time, pretty much all the time. Because the trails I see are pretty regularly long lasting.

Here are the links:

In the end, it’s probably fairly unlikely that jets are flying overhead spreading chemicals about all the time, it’s more likely that contrails just last a while. Probably the bigger question is whether all of these contrails are creating a problem. Scientists have studied this problem, and found that our use of air travel causes the planet to warm slightly. Apparently the haze lets radiation in easier than it lets it out. That’s the price to pay for getting to travel all about the earth. Until we figure out some new technology, contrails are here to stay.



  1. Evonne

    Hmm…very interesting. I’d like to research this more. If it’s chemtrails, we have a serious problem that seems almost impossible to do anything about! I hope they’re contrails.

  2. awesome insights you are sharing. I admire the way you are writing it. Is there any way I could find out for more?

  3. Pitaji

    If you want to follow the conspiracy theory crowd listen to “coast to coast” every night at 10 pm on kfi640am in the Los Angeles area. But the show is on all over NA on various stations. It’s all gloom and doom! Chemtrails is mentioned regularly.

  4. Andri

    saw a flyer about this recently… contrails can actually be explained with “fairly simple” atmospheric physics. take a look at the following link to see an explanation and a simulation about how dense and how persistent a contrail shows on the sky. at least back in switzerland, contrails are a sign of possible showers because they mainly happen when relative humidity is high.


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