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Epoxy Flooring


I recently finished my garage floor with a professional epoxy coating. I did a diamond pattern and it turned out very nicely. We’ll see if it lasts!

The brand I used is called U-Coat-It. The white took a lot of coats (4 total) so I’m glad I got lots of extra. The black went on extra thick, it only needed 1 coat.

As per the instructions, basically, I cleaned the floor, and got up any grease. Wetted the floor and applied the white base coat. It came out really thin, so I applied another coat about an hour later. Then I fixed the cracks in the concrete. Then 6 hours later I went over it again with the top coat of white. I could still see my patches etc so I ended up doing a 4th coat of white with my extra materials. About 15 hours later, I double taped the whole floor. The white was completely dry, so the tape wouldn’t hurt it. Once the tape was down, it was easy to apply the black. Then let it dry for 12 hours and removed the tape; DONE!

The end result is a smooth floor, easy cleanup and looks nice.

Pics of how I did it:

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