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Making a bad adapter good


I have the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller, and 2 chicco car seats with the keyfit 30.

I was very disappointed when I got these. When put together as instructed, they work very poorly. Its wiggly, and requires straps to function. Out of desperation, I’ve come up with a modification to make this work. It requires bending the metal bars, and if you are willing to do it, you’ll be very satisfied with this adapter. Now that I’ve modified it, it works great!

***If you are unwilling to modify this, don’t buy it, you’ll hate it.***
Get a different car seat, and a different adapter. The car seat in the picture on the box of the product is a Maxi Cosi, maybe that one works well without modification!

Shame on baby jogger for releasing a piece of crap for their awesome stroller.

Good luck, I hope this review helps some people.

Step 1. The real problem with this adapter is the foot bar. The bend in it is too shallow. I heated up the corners with a blow torch, shoved a metal rod into the hole to steady it while I bent it up to slightly less than the angle of the head bar. (about 2 inches less when measuring from the top) It may take you several bends to get it right, but once you heat it, it bends easily.

Step 2. If the cosmetics of the thing bothers you (heating it burns off some of the silver paint) then you can sand it and repaint it.

Step 3. When bent to the proper angle, the car seat will fit snuggly into the adapter, you will hear 2 clicks, and it will not wiggle at all.

Step 4. The top of the plastic part of the adapter that fits onto the stroller really bothered me because it looks like something is supposed to fit onto it, but nothing does. So I cut it off and sanded it smooth. Now it looks much better.

Step 5. Marvel at your genius as you snap your car seats in and out of these things like you were supposed to be able to do from the very start. You’d think for the $60 you pay for this thing it would actually work!

I realize my description of the process may sound vague to some people, but I’ll watch this post, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’d be happy to help you out!




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